Hannover Fair 2017

The Brandenburger Kabelwerk GmbH introduces this fair the application possibilities and the advantages of cross section-reduced sheath lines of the types SYM Spez K110 and NYM Spez K110.

The product:

The sheathed cable are produced with plain copper conductor by 1 mm² for the special requirement in LED lamp head.

Advantages are:

  • 32% Copper savings too 1,5mm²
  • easier installation on the plug and cable relief.
  • Resource conservation at copper as well as at plastics.
  • cost advantage
  • power rating to 2,200 W
  • increased ozone and UV resistant

The Producer: Brandenburger Kabelwerk GmbH

LED Straßenleuchte      NYM-J 4x1,0 re Spez K110 BU     NYM Schnittdarstellung

Area of Application:

For the laying in and on light pole, to tension wires.

  • single wire or fine wire copper conductor with PVC-insulating sheath.
  • Traditional stranded conductors is wrapped with filling compound.
  • Outside sheath made of special, increased UV- and Ozon-resistant PVC.
  • easy stripping of outer sheath
  • high flexibility, especially on low temperatures
  • lower outer diameter

This exhibition stand is promoted from means of the European Regional Development Fund of the State country Brandenburg.

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