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Earth conductor
Erdungsleitung NYM kl       



As an installation lead, for the laying on in and under plaster, in dry and wet rooms as well as in the masonry. The direct imbedding in jolted concrete, shaked concrete or tamped concrete is not allowed.
For the application kinds to which raised requirements are to be made.

starkstromleitung tz  

blanc single wire or multi-wired copper conductor with synthetic material-insulating cover

outer sheath made of special synthetic material with enhanced UV resistance, colour powder blue (NYM)

approved conductor temperature 70°C

colour of the insulation cover is green-yellow, another colours on request

Nominal voltage Uo/U 300/500 V    
  • high flexibility, especially in low temperatures
  • high electric insulation value and fault current resistance
  • enhanced mechanical quality
  • enhanced UV and ozone resistance
  • easy stripping of the outer sheath
Cable type


Metal number

Outer diameter ca.

Packaging unity
NYM 14818 NYM-J 1 x 6 re 58 7,5 50-100
NYM 14955 NYM-J 1 x 10 rm 96 8,8 50-100
NYM 14957 NYM-J 1 x 16 rm 154 9,9 50-100
NYM 14965
NYM-J 1 x 25 rm 240 12,0 50-100
H07 11640 H07V-R 10 mm² 96 6,7 50-100
H07 11650
H07V-R 16 mm² 154 7,8 50-100
H07 11660 H07V-R 25 mm² 240 9,7 50-100


Cut lengths and short lengths on request