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Rapid - cable
For the laying on / under plaster, on wood or panelling and retro installation in dry rooms.

Nominal voltage Uo/U 300/500 V

single blanc copper conductor (re), (DIN 600228 v- VDE 0295 class 1)

The single copper conductor is insulated with synthetic material.

The different braided conductors is wrapped with filling compound.

Hereon follow a grooved sheath of low pressure polyethylene and synthetic material outer sheath.

approved conductor temperature 70°C

  • Possible voltage abductions are excluded.
  • The cable receives a constant rigidity at biggest elasticity and therewith it is easier to process.
  • The PE-sheath takes over an improved mechanical protection.
  • When mounting the polyethylene sheath is to easier deductible without to damage the wires.
  • additional UV- and ozone resistance
Typ J
Typ O


Metal number

Outer diameter ca.

Packaging unity
12120 13800 NYMPEr-J 3 x 1,5 e 43 9,0 50 / 100
12200 13850 NYMPEr-J 4 x 1,5 e 58 9,8 50 / 100
12240 13920 NYMPEr-J 5 x 1,5 e 72 10,4 50 / 100
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 Cut lengths and short lengths on request