Attention please: (N)YM Spez K110 and SYM Spez K110 immediately with conductors 1.0mm².

We produced and delivered standard and special cables.
Elmia Subcontractor

luftleitung    Self-supporting suspension wire (YTBKW; AKL)

Erdungsleitung NYM kl    Earth conductor Earth cable (NYM; H07)

14770 kl    Special cables for street lighting (NYM; SYM)

bkw flex    Flex cables special (BKW-Flex; Deko-Flex; BKW-Workflex)

DSTAD internet    Wiring Cable (NFYW; H07)

Trgerband3910kl    Assembly line and Carrier band

freileitungsseile   Blanc Overhead line ropes (Cu; Al)

DSTAD internet    Roof rack introduction cables (DSTAD)

leuchtroehrenleitung3    Fluorescent type cables (EN 50143; NYL; NYLY; SAd)

rapidleitung    Custom build







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